Selfish Assholes | Frankology 87

Even though I am taken back by the level of selfishness in society, this is nothing new. But just like every user of the public toilet is disgusted by its state, someone among them must have been to blame. The state of the toilet is undeniable but it has only been used by the people in the room. Everyone cannot be innocent.

Trying times of grand proportions will show you a lot about a person’s true character. It is seldom what you think it is. It is fair to say we all possess at least a measure of selfishness but most of us, hopefully, are able to restrict our actions, thereby countering the undesirable outcomes. Some of us of course, are the toilet abusers. Too fucking selfish to care about the next person in.

I hate selfishness more than any other character flaw. In fact, it could be attributed as the root of just about any other character flaw.

Distance yourself from these people, they are poison and the worst part is, the very nature of their defect renders them incapable of seeing it