Day Sleepers | Frankology 86

There is a person who thinks it’s OK to sleep during working hours. This is the same person who thinks it’s OK to miss deadlines – constantly. The person who has no qualms about promising one thing and delivering another altogether.

This person believes it is easy to generate success, make money and enjoy life, just like the others who came before him. He looks at successful people the same way he would an apple at the produce pile, which he’d like more, which he’d rather have.

I pity this person. Nothing is ever as it seems.

The apples do not project the difficulties, struggles and sleepless nights. They do not sit on the pile juicy and shiny looking by chance. Apples begin as seeds which turn to trees which turn to fruit 5 to 8 years later. This, only if all goes well and everything is fed and watered correctly. The seed must be nurtured, the tree mothered, and the fruit handled with care. Then, and only then, do the apples get to flaunt their wares with gusto.

The sleepy ones best consult their genies, it is the only way for them to enter the hierarchy of true success. Let them dream of the pot of gold at the end of their imaginary rainbow. After all, it is their right.