The Small Things Count | Frankology 83

“Have an amazing day.”

Some time ago I received an email from the representative of a service provider we’ve done business with for the past ten years. This person is new to our account, and we met to introduce ourselves, to discuss how we do things, and how we can do things better moving forward.

As a follow-up, she mailed me the talking points, ending her mail with, “have an amazing day.”

I’ll tell you this, my real-world persona is a damned good salesman. So much so it’s the centre of every venture thus far. I enjoy watching others try to sell, especially when they use all the “tricks of the trade.” These do not work on me. That ending though – “have an amazing day.” Leaves an impression.

On purpose or just the way she speaks, either way, all you need is an impression, to be memorable. You don’t need them to remember what you sell; you need to be memorable. Impactful.

Have an amazing day!