Old VS New | Frankology 77

This weekend I ran a little experiment. Nothing too serious, or difficult for that matter. I wanted to see if writing with pen and paper (pencil and paper in reality) would make for better writing or at the very least better thought structure. The idea being, it is far less convenient to edit, correct or even rewrite your work when doing it “by hand.”

Having nothing, in particular, to write about made it more of a challenge but I’d say definitively, you are forced to put a lot more thought into what you put to paper. More thought still how you put it to paper.

Something I have known and tapped into for a long time is the act of writing–pen and paper–allows the brain to form new pathways far better than typing can. Just as typing helps relieve the brains circular thought patterns, writing is exponentially more effective. While there are several theories why this may be, I think it irrelevant. Striving to know the mechanisms of every tool can become counterproductive and lead to cognitive overload. Knowing it an effective means is enough for me.

To think we’ll ever return to pen and parchment is a ludicrous idea. It is plainly too unproductive but applying the same principals while using modern trappings may be a doorway to better work.