Innovation | Frankology 73

Stop calling it innovation when it’s really just re-branding. There is nothing wrong with re-branding; it’s not innovation. Calling a Squat and Press a Thruster, will not make it anything other than a Squat and Press, which has been around since the dawn of lifting.

“A brand manager is not the same as a product manager.” Ah, actually, yes it is, and both used to be marketing managers accept we needed to “innovate,” and create more positions so we could not only justify more staff but make them all believe they are part of something bigger than themselves. Instead of creating more wealth for them, why not create a title, which will give them a sense of belonging, accomplishment, power even?

Creating yet another accounting app and calling it the latest greatest product is not an innovation, it’s a new logo. The fundamentals of accounting are unlikely to change just because you think you are innovative.

The latest statistics on the number of new words being added to the dictionary every year is staggering. So much so, there is no point in listing them here. That said, I submit at least half of them are bull-shit made-up words to cover bull-shit “innovation.”