Black and White | Frankology 71

‘There are only two ways to do something, the right way and the wrong way.’

If this were true why would anyone choose the wrong way? We would all function perfectly in the same way. Except we don’t because there are many right ways and as many wrong ways. There is a lot of grey.

If we cannot function in the grey, it is aptly named black and white thinking. You are so rigid in your thought patterns you consider every half-failure a catastrophe which could and should have been avoided. What if instead, you re-framed this as an experiment? We learn from experiences and experiences could be termed experiments.

If we can no longer experiment all is lost. This is true of our thought patterns as well. If you are unable to consider the many possibilities of how anything, everything, can be done you are unable to grow. You are unable to learn. You are in the way of your own progress and that of others.

You are in the way.