Be Bored | Frankology 70

So much of the work we are doing all day is work we do simply to keep busy. There is no real value, use or even outcome from the work. We check emails constantly, news feeds, statistics, analytics and so on. Maybe it’s time we stop this and allow ourselves to be bored. Maybe this will spark creativity for useful work again. Maybe it’s all which is needed for the ‘brainwave’ to come crashing onto the beach.

I disagree immensely with the notion of looking for something to do when the work is completed. There are many managers out there who employ this tactic. It is a useless measure which creates nothing but anxiety among the workforce. You are far better off allowing freedom to wonder, leave the office, read a book, or whatever they choose to do. As with everything, there are limits to this and one must be realistic, but the point is you will not only end up with a happier workforce but a magically more productive one too.