Other People’s Garbage | Frankology 66

All the crap on your phone is other people’s garbage. There is nothing there which is yours. Emails, social media, messages, games, documents, websites—all other people’s garbage.

We cannot do without them, nor are they going away but we have the power to limit the power they have over us. Spend time thinking about useful methods to reduce your phone usage. A couple of years from now, we will look back on the marketing and usage of mobile phones the same way we look back on the marketing and usage of cigarettes. ‘What the hell were we thinking!’

There are countless studies showing the frankly scary statistics of phone usage. So many, we have become weary of the subject and so, I will not ramble of the details here. Suffice to say, the absurd usage keeps climbing. Curbing this is an individual decision.

Take back your time and leave other people with their own garbage.