Self-help Is A Thing | Frankology 64

The other day I heard someone say ‘self-help is no longer weird.’ That is to say, there was a time, when if someone mentioned self-help of any fashion it induced violent eye rolls, from everyone in the conversation, and those within earshot. I myself, was an eye-roller, especially when someone mentioned either a self-help book or the worst of the worst, a seminar.

First, the person who observed this is absolutely correct. Self-help is without a doubt no longer weird (whether it ever was is debatable). More than this, self-help in its many forms is now a bit of a thing. I for one, think this is a good thing. I still think seminar goers are slightly over the top but not because of the activity itself, but rather that these people never seem to achieve helping themselves. Instead, they spend their time bouncing from pillar to post, chasing the latest great method, implementing none of it. In other words, they are either quitters or worse, nonstarters.

Harsh as it may sound, if you implement none of the knowledge you gain from books, podcasts, blogs, seminars, or wherever you are consuming it, you have nothing. Fair enough, we must say something for the will to change I suppose? But it would be little. We all want to better ourselves in some shape or form. Hell, Ted Bundy wanted more of himself, does that mean he wasn’t an utter siphon on humanity?

Examine yourself, examine what you consume, maybe even consume less. The important thing is that you start, apply yourself and if not finish, at the very least persist.