Victim Mentality | Frankology 63

You know far more people than you think, who suffer from a victim mentality. Chances are, you suffer from a victim mentality too, at least to some degree. If at any time, you believe you are not in control of an event, or its related outcomes you are suffering from a victim mentality.

Far fewer people in the world need counseling, they simply need training. First, they need training on how to distinguish between cause and effect (event and outcome) versus cause, meaning or power, and effect (event, reflection and outcome).

Second, they need to train their inbuilt ability to reflect and assign a different meaning to events. In so doing they will drive the outcomes. We are not in control of events but by practice, we can be in control of the meaning we attach to them. By attaching meaning we can affect the outcome.

Less victim mentality, more practiced thinking will result in better outcomes. The better you get at this, the better you will begin to feel. It’s the old adage positivity breeds positivity – unfortunately. That is to say, it is not revolutionary, just a fresh perspective on what you already know.

The power lies with you, not others. Take it back on every available occasion.