Alarms Are Not the Boss of Me | Frankology 59

In a recent ‘life experiment’ I stopped using an alarm clock – all together. Now, I should mention at one point I was completely governed by alarms, literally living my life from one to the next, eight to ten a day.

A little over a year ago, I set myself a goal; I was not going to use any alarms at all. There was no time-frame for this other than as soon as possible. One by one, I implemented changes which allowed me to dump an alarm for each. Of course, the most obvious, and most difficult, was to be the morning alarm. In truth, I doubted whether I’d ever be free of this one.

Turns out, it’s fairly easy to stop using an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. It’s nothing more than a habit, really. Today (and every other) I woke to the sounds of the day. Birds chirping, pets and neighbors, that sort of thing.

Admittedly, depending on where you are in the world, and even on the season (sun doesn’t rise till well after 08:30 in the winter here), it may prove to be trickier than simply deleting your alarm. Even so, there is something liberating about it. Strange when you think you’re still getting up at the same time.

While I’m not sure what the mechanism is, I’m sure it makes a profound difference. Not in the sense of bucking the system but rather, the system no longer owns you, or, possesses less of you.

Time is the single most precious commodity available to us. Managing it in a different and more natural way, I believe, is where the growth lies. While there is no more time than when I started, I do own more of it now.