PC Time | Frankology 57

I’m quite sure a cursory Google would yield at least some information on the subject, but I’m not in the mood. Instead, I’ll pose it as a question; I wonder how much damage, physical and emotional, is caused by sitting staring at our computer screens all day?

The answer would probably vary based on the parameters of the study and maybe even the opinion of the reply, but one thing is for sure, it can’t be good for us. While chasing up and down, back and forth, for meetings, errands and the like, seems tedious at best, it sure must be healthier than vegetating in front of the PC all day.

In the same vein, how much of the “PC time” is in fact productive? I venture to say less than 50%. Maybe, in the future, we should work on projects designed to change this. Projects which encourage productivity over input. This is a future I could better live with.