Happy Birthday | Frankology 45

According to the web, the happy birthday song is in its 125th year this year. That is a lot of happy birthdays. It’s supposedly the most sung English song in the world. Nevermind it is sung in many languages across the world (the internet is American it seems).

Point is this, have you ever met a single soul who doesn’t absolutely hate it? We hate being sung for and maybe hate singing it even more, it’s a close call. How the hell then is it so popular and why is there always one dreaded twit who insist on everyone singing it? More than this, why do we all, always agree?

Occasionally we receive videos of the kiddie’s parties at my son’s school. Everyone is always having a whale of a time until the infernal “let’s all sing happy birthday” time! If they hate it as early as 3 why can’t we get off it already?

Accept it sucks and move on.