Show-boaters | Frankology 42

I am often struck by the tendency of people, to try to impress others, no matter the situation, circumstance or cost. Cost of their own dignity, physical cost and even long-term cost. A few examples:

  • A waiter/server who boasts about the restaurants they have worked at, or managed. This to complete strangers who not only do not care (they are just trying to have a meal) but are probably far more successful than the individual to begin with.
  • A stranger at the gym injuring themselves, trying to impress other members with what they can (or more accurately cannot) lift.
  • People who by cars, clothes and houses far beyond their means, as if someone else cares what they drive. Maybe someone will complement the car, possibly even think about it for a while, and that’s that, they move on. The individual has made a major commitment, and for what?
  • People telling hyperbolic stories about their past adventures, probably in the hopes this makes their uneventful lives more attractive or interesting.