What Next | Frankology 41

What’s in store for us in the year to come?

To say we find ourselves in strange times is an understatement. Take the US. It’s so riddled with social justice (online) warriors, it has literally lost its appeal as an immigration destination. A destination of any kind. Who wants to visit a country where you could find yourself in deep water for calling your wife a woman (cue eye rolls)? Bloody ridiculous!

What about Zimbabwe? A failed state on the brink of secondary failure. Fuck, is that even a thing? No food, fuel, currency, nothing but a lot of nothing. What happens to those poor souls?

South Africa. Still the most beautiful country in the world, certainly in my eyes anyway. What’s in store for us? A government talking about handing over ownership of land, without reward or recourse, as if it were the era of crusades.

Not one can deny that there were times in history where some pretty crappy shit went down. People faced countless forms of injustice. Nor can they deny that every nation, race, gender, and creed on earth took part in crappy shit. Are we saying we are just going to roll back the clock? Correct the social wrongs, just like that? Reverse them is it? If we are, then wouldn’t that mean it’s time for some barbarism while we’re at it? In fact, why stop there why not throw in a witch hunt or two? I’m all in for a spot of cannibalism – if not why not?