The Right Recipe | Frankology 35

If you are Gen X or Millennial-with-wear, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Cartoons. No, not animations nor anime. I’m referring to cartoons. Cartoons we ate breakfast too. Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny…

Accept possibly Mickey Mouse – who somehow still delivers the goods today – there seems to be but a few ingredients required to deliver a sure-fire winner. I know this to be true by watching what attracts my 3-year-old today. It might not be the old classics I’ve mentioned, but the modern versions who follow the same structure end up being victors.

There seems to be just the right combination of dramatic music and “action.” That’s it. There needn’t even be dialog. Music plus action and it attracts our fresh little ones now, the same way it attracted us back then.

Of course, a healthy dose of bad guy misfortune doesn’t hurt (think poor old Wile E). One other thing: it needs to be in the hand-drawn format. Why exactly this resonates better I have yet to figure out. Much like this post, it is pointless to ponder.