Email Conversations | Frankology 28

Stop having conversations by email. It is rendering emails useless, in all respects.

The empty inbox is a thing of mystic fantasy, reserved for the old and infirm. No, correct that, even the infirm have a brimming mailbox because someone has to process all the paperwork.

Sadly, it is unlikely we will do away with email in my lifetime; email is fast becoming the bane of all our lives. It is ridiculously over utilised, mostly incorrectly at that. There is but one way to reverse this. We need to use it as originally intended. Use it to send what was previously sent by post or courier: documents and information.

Enough with the one-liner discussions, I beg you! If you need to discuss anything, use the phone. Or, if this is too scary a proposition, send all your damned requests and questions on one email. That way, the recipient can call you and get the misery done and dusted once and for all.

Courtesy is a good thing any time of the year, with one exception: email. You are wasting yet more time with the how-do-you-do-thank-you email. These must be processed by the receiving end, just like any other. What you think is a good idea is nothing more than a drain on resources. Stop it! Convey the documents and or information and get off.

Be the change you want to see!