Is Google the Antichrist | Frankology 24

If I were of a particular vocation, the type where people have a standing appointment on Sundays, I’d be extra worried about Google.

Google (irony intended) “the antichrist” and you’ll be treated to an array of versions, and opinions, of what boils down to its namesake: the opposite of all good things, bent on the destruction of everything – and man. Especially man.

Dig a little deeper into the message and you’ll find something which goes more or less like this: the antichrist will sneak up on the earth, portrayed as something good for all mankind, something which will unite the world under one roof, all the while waiting for the right time to reveal itself and destroy us all.

OK fine, that is probably wildly inaccurate but the crux of it is correct. He will appear to be good, unite us, and end up being bad – very bad.

One can’t help wondering? With the level of infiltration of companies like Google – especially Google – if you were of a particular vocation, and required to hedge your bets…