Black Friday | Frankology 22

The mania that is Black Friday is difficult to comprehend. While the irrational pandemonium in countries such as the United States is well documented, there are places on earth where the vigor is slightly less bizarre. In South Africa for instance, it is only in recent years that the idea has taken root. Until last year even, it was a relatively vague concept for most.

Last year particularly, saw a massive spike in interest, participants and purchasing alike. Many of our own businesses took part for the first time and enjoyed medium to excellent success. This year, however, seems to be subdued somehow. The excitement for the day, in the week leading up, just isn’t there. Is this a sign of consumer sentiment? Could it be that like all things leaning toward ridiculousness, it has “come and gone?”

The idea of blowing stock out the door, at any rate, is flawed. This is a lesson we too had to learn. It creates unhappy customers due to bad experiences, damages the market due to pricing exposure, and wastes earning potential on individual customers and their purchases.

All said and done, we will not be taking part this year. Not from any perspective, as buyers or sellers.