Friendship and Business | Frankology 18

“Never mix friendship and business!” Well known, well-traveled and respected as correct. Accept… everyone does it all the time.

Friendship and business go together like teeth and toothpaste, they were destined for each other, maybe even made for each other. Think about it, friendship is a form of tribalism. Without tribalism there cannot be value, for value is an abstract concept agreed upon by more than one. Without value, there can be no business.

When you start out in business, you begin with your friends. You tell them about your venture in the hopes they support you. Assuming they are buying what you are selling, you would like them to buy it from you. Assuming they are good friends they oblige.

Further down the line maybe you are doing well. Or maybe you can do better with just a little cash injection? Who do you turn to first? Your friends. Being granted a loan from a friend will always be easier than being granted a loan from a bank, and after all, they were there for you in the beginning.

Fast forward and next thing you know you’re involved with a friend in business. You’ve done it now, you’ve mixed friends and business! Accept… it’s not so much the mixing of the two where the problem lies. The problem lies with not being able to isolate the two.

Friendship. Business. These are not the same thing, nor should they be regarded as such. They are not grouped together or hinged on each other. The two do not affect each other in any way. They are vastly different matters and should never share the same space, or even conversation.