Location Services | Frankology 17

Why is it so very important to track my location all the time? How exactly is it going to make my experience with your app or website better? I’ll tell you how, it won’t. It serves but one single purpose which is to garner ever more information so you can sell it on to advertisers, and probably policymakers further down the line.

To be clear, I’m not referring to free apps either. I understand things need to be funded somehow and for this reason much prefer paid offerings. Paying for an app has threefold benefits: fewer glitches (or better backup), no ads, and no unnecessary information gathering!

At no point will I be convinced (other than the obvious such as navigation) it is in any way a good thing – for me – that creators or curators alike know where I am at all times of the day. In most other circumstances this would be viewed as stalking.