Use Your Head | Frankology 16

It’s probably fair to say every person ever employed, in any service position, in any industry, anywhere in the world, would agree with what follows.

Please, before you submit a request, be it for a quote, information or any other reason, just do a little thinking first! Read a little, much of what you seek is probably available somewhere if not directly from the website you are using to initiate contact.

Consider your request before fumbling across the keypad to the send button. Think about what you are asking and if you have supplied enough – or any – information for the receiving party to work with.

Let me reveal something magical for you right here and now. If you are asking for a price, from the page where the prices are displayed, you are a fucking idiot. If you are contacting one company while in fact looking for another – they just happen to be the first result you clicked on – you are a fucking idiot. If you contact a car company “looking for a car,” you are a fucking idiot.

You are not a customer. Nor does any company want you as a customer. You are a worthless drain on someone’s valuable time. Although, I suspect you already know this because you couldn’t even be bothered to write your own name with a capital letter.