Underdelivery | Frankology 8

My broadband provider is a comparatively small, privately owned affair. I couldn’t say exactly how many people they employ, but I would guess the number to be between 50 and 80. They run in the region of 10 external teams or vehicles and have a moderately impressive presence in the area.

Of all the people employed there, I know at least 8 of the internal-technical-assistance representatives, the office manager and an additional 3 external guys – by name.

As I have repeatedly assured many of them, this is not due to a lack of friends on my part. The reason I know so many of them, and them I, is because I’m on a call with them on average once a week. The reason for this is service delivery.

If I’m expected to pay on time for x-amount of speed and consistency, they are expected to deliver.

Now, you may think (as have some employees indicated before) I sit here all day running speed tests hoping to catch them out. I do not. I have work to do and plenty of it. Only after repeated line drops or noticeable speed issues do I contact them. Of course, at this point I would have completed the obligatory, “did you try switching it off and on again.”

The point is this: if I am on a call with them on average weekly, and only when absolutely necessary – due to interruption of workflow – how often are they, in fact, delivering below average service which we fail to notice? More than this, how many people are uninformed to a degree they blindly accept the subpar service?