Bring back the wonder | Frankology 9

The beauty of the simple innocence that is a child’s mind is delightful. How very sad that we lose our sense of wonder for everything in the world.

My son is potty training. Without boring you with too much detail, he took what I can only describe as a monumental man-dump “all on his own,” the other day. The sheer scale of it was nothing short of intimidating. He then proceeded to call everyone in the house to come and marvel at the size of it. When it was my turn to conduct the viewing, I rounded the corner and there he was without pants, hands on knees bent over his creation, with a genuine expression of achievement on his face. What a spectacle!

If you are not a parent, you will not get it. If you are, it was hilarious and I hope that if you’ve never yet had the privilege of admiring such a momentous thing, that your turn is still coming.

High fives all round!